Baby Cafe launches in Cannington, Somerset, UK

On the 13th January 2014, local breastfeeding mums gathered at Cannington United Reform Church for the opening of the newest Baby Cafe. We were joined by local health visitors and midwives, the MP for Bridgwater Ian Liddell-Grainger and the councillor for Cannington, Ian Dyer. All enjoyed meeting and chatting over lovely refreshments including a beautiful celebration cake made for the event by my good friend (and one of the mums from my original breastfeeding group) Emma Chillingworth of Rainbow Bakes. Everyone was very impressed and supportive of the new group.

I applied for and received a grant of £5000 from Awards for All to set up the Baby Cafe, and I was delighted to see so many mums attending. I am well aware that support is one of the key factors in enabling mums to establish and keep breastfeeding – new mums gain confidence and support, meeting other mums in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and I am there each week to offer one to one breastfeeding support or information. We also have a selection of books that are available to borrow, as well as useful leaflets and DVDs covering breastfeeding and related baby topics such as weaning and sleep.

The Baby Cafe charity, established in the UK in 2000, coordinates a network of breastfeeding drop-in centres and other services to support breastfeeding mothers across the UK and other parts of the world – there are now groups as far afield as the Channel Islands, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States!

Baby Cafe drop-ins support 7,800 mums annually – in total mothers make 30,500 visits to Baby cafe drop-ins , with the drop-ins offering  7,500 hours of support annually. Baby Cafes are run by health professionals such as midwives, health visitors, or lactation consultants. They may also be run by healthcare practioners e.g. nursery nurse or maternity support worker, or by breastfeeding counsellors. The most common reason for attending Baby Cafe drop-ins is for the social support gained from being with other breastfeeding mums. Close behind are the specific issues for which mums seek professional  support (sleep issues, starting solids, expressing milk and milk supply issues)

99% of mums surveyed find their Baby Cafe drop-in ‘very helpful’ or ‘helpful’

 All pregnant and breastfeeding mums are welcome to drop in at any time during opening hours. Partners are welcome too. Cannington baby Cafe runs every Monday except bank holidays, 10.30am-12pm at Cannington United Reform Church, high Street Cannington.

Contact me through my website at or see for more details

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